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Low Carb For Vegetarians: Food Tips

Low Carb For Vegetarians

There are several low carb for vegetarians, but before talking about them I find it important to explain about vegetarianism and other different types of food that many end up confusing.
There are people who do not eat meat but eat eggs and dairy products. These are called lacto-ovo-vegetarians and are the most common type of vegetarian.
Those who do not consume eggs, but only dairy products, are lacto-vegetarians and, in addition to them, we have vegans that do not consume or use anything of animal origin.
In the case of vegetarians in general, who consume dairy products and / or eggs, it is easier to switch to the low carb diet, thinking that the amount of protein and fat needed will also come from these foods.
For vegans it will be more interesting to have a medical checkup that indicates whether or not they use supplements and other nutrients and vitamins that are not found only in vegetables, fruits, legumes and some sources of natural fats that the vegan consumes.
Even so, I can say with certainty that it is not necessary to consume a lot of meat, as well as wheat and derivatives, to have a healthy life and, yes, without excess carbohydrates.
I have listed below some key foods to be consumed in a low carb vegetarian diet:

Low Carb For Vegetarians | eggs

Low Carb For Vegetarians

Yes, eggs are awesome! Source of protein, good fats and so many other things, they can be fried in olive oil, butter or coconut oil, scrambled, boiled or used in the most diverse ways in recipes.
If you are not vegan or lacto-vegetarian, it is worthwhile to include the eggs in the daily menu because besides being a versatile and practical food, supply the proteins that are not consumed through the meat.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Dairy Products

Low Carb For Vegetarians


In this list enter the kefir yogurt, butter and more yellow cheeses like provolone, parmesan, muzela and dish.
Cheeses, like eggs, are a source of vitamin B12, which may need to be supplemented for vegans who do not consume any food of animal origin.
Still have questions about low carb dairy products? I explain everything in detail here.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Fruits

Low Carb For Vegetarians

The idea of ​​restricting the sweetest fruits, rich in fructose and carbohydrates, remains the same here.
Whether for vegetarians or vegans, fruits with less carb are the best requested.
Want to know more which fruits are or are not low carb? Click here!

Red fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and blueberries are on the list, as well as fruits rich in good fats: avocado and coconut, for example.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Vegetables and legumes

Low Carb For Vegetarians


Apart from the vegetables that are born under the earth and are rich in starch (and carbohydrates), such as potatoes, there are several that can be consumed daily: tomatoes, onions, green leaves in general, cauliflower, eggplant, peppers … the list goes far!
See the amount of carbohydrate in vegetables and low carb vegetables.
It would be easier to say what you can not consume than what you can when it comes to vegetables and veggies. That’s why the menu can be varied quietly.
A great recipe using one of the low-carb sweethearts vegetables, the eggplant, is that of mini pizza! I have it here, just swap the tuna stuff for a cheeseburger, if you eat dairy, or just tomato sauce.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Legumes

Low Carb For Vegetarians

For those who are vegetarian or vegan, much of the protein supply will come from beans, lentils, chickpeas and various other legumes that are good carbs and can replace the nutrients and vitamins that are found in meats and the like.
Of course if you eat eggs, better still add them to the legumes on your menu to keep the protein percentage up to date without having to eat a lot of beans.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Oilseeds

Low Carb For Vegetarians

Almonds, walnuts, nuts, macadamias and other oil seeds are a good source of good fats. Besides them in themselves, it is possible to use them to make vegetable milk!
It is a delight both to drink pure or in smoothies as to use in recipes that normally use cow’s milk and the like.
Teaching to make the vegetable milk of chestnut and the almonds here.
The cool thing about making vegetable milks at home is to use bagasse to make fresh flours, and yes, low carb! I have several examples of low carb flours here.

Low Carb For Vegetarians | Natural fats

Low Carb For Vegetarians

All the foods we have talked about can and should be accompanied by natural fats.
They can come from olive oil, coconut oil and many other sources of good fats, as long as they are present in the day to day.
As I said in other content, it’s the fats that come as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates in the low carb diet strategy, so it’s no use cutting the dough, breads and sweets, eating more vegetables and not using fats at meals, okay? Still on key foods, alternative protein sources such as tofu and tempeh are also welcome on vegetarian and vegan menus.
For those looking for low carb vegetarian recipes, I have a delicious broccoli cookie with sour cream here!

Do you use any other low carb and vegetarian or vegan foods that I did not mention here? Talk to me in the comments!

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