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Why Low Carb Diets Work? Meet 7 Reasons

Why Low Carb Diets Work
Why Low Carb Diets Work? – Who needs to lose weight, always looking for new ways to lose weight. But health needs to be a priority, so today I’m going to talk about whether the low carb diet really works and take away your doubts. Low-carbohydrate diets, or low carb diet, have been used in the medical community for a variety of purposes for over a century.
In this article, I will show if the low carb diet works.
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Low Carb Diet
Based on decades of research, low-carbohydrate diets have been associated with benefits, including:
• Rapid weight loss;
• Reduced hunger;
• Better control over insulin and blood sugar;
• Improved cognitive performance;
• Lower risk of heart disease factors;
• Reduced risk for certain types of cancer.
Many people wonder if the low carb diet works msemo. But if you still do not know, I’ll start by explaining what low carb diet is. The Low Carb Diet is a low carbohydrate diet, giving preference to proteins and fats.

Low Carb food has a reputation for producing fast weight loss by reducing starvation or the need to count calories.
Here are 7 reasons that justify the operation of the low carb diet (1).

1 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Prevents Fat Storage

When we eat foods with sugar and carbohydrates, the hormone insulin is released as a reaction in order to raise blood glucose (sugar).
Insulin is often called “fat storage hormone” because one of their jobs is to signal the cells to store as much energy as possible.
This energy is initially stored as the glycogen of glucose found in carbohydrates, since glycogen is our “primary” energy.
By eliminating carbohydrates from the diet and keeping the body’s glycogen stores low or almost empty, we can prevent insulin from being released and storing fat.
Less insulin circulating in the bloodstream means that the body is forced to use all its glycogen stores, then use the fat hidden in our adipose tissue (body fat) as fuel (2).

2 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Improves Cognitive Function

Fat and carbohydrates usually have an inverse relationship in the diet.
Most people keep their protein intake somewhat steady, but usually people who consume more carbohydrates and sugar consume less healthy fats.
This is problematic because we need healthy fats for proper brain function, mood control and hormonal regulation.
While initially a sugary or high carbohydrate meal can make you feel awake and alert, then quickly you may feel tired and irritated.
Sugar is addictive and has dramatic effects on the brain, especially when it comes to increasing anxiety and fatigue.
On the other hand, certain types of healthy fats act as antioxidants and precursors to some important brain-supporting molecules and neurotransmitters that control learning; memory, humor and energy.
The brain is mainly composed of fatty acids and requires a constant flow of fats in your diet in order to perform activities ideally.

3 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Reducing the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

A 2012 study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology found that low-carb diets are more effective in reducing certain metabolic risk factors and heart disease than low-fat diets (3).
The study investigated the effects of low-carbohydrate diets versus low-fat diets on metabolic risk factors.
The results showed that both low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets reduced weight and improved metabolic risk factors.

4 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Reduce Sugar

A diet rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar, contributes to free radical damage and feeds cancer cells; possibly helping to spread the disease faster.
Since low-carbohydrate diets dramatically reduce sugar, they can act as a natural cancer treatment, enhancing the body’s immunity (4).

5 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? More Healthy Fats

One of the biggest benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet is related to increased consumption of healthy fats, and protein in place of sugar and carbohydrates, which effectively helps turn off ghrelin, the “hunger” hormone.
According to studies, insulin regulates negatively ghrelin and high-density lipoprotein may be a carrier particle to increase circulating ghrelin (5, 6).
Carbohydrates cause insulin spikes, which causes sugar and ghrelin in the blood.

Fats and proteins, on the other hand, are known to change the satiety hormones, allowing you to linger longer to feel hungry between meals.

6 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Digestive Health

Less sugar means better digestive function for most people, since sugar feeds “bad bacteria” that can thrive in the gut.
The result of a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can mean the development of candida virus, which causes symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.
Abundance of vegetables, quality protein and healthy fats, on the other hand, can help you burn fat and also help nourish the digestive tract and reduce bacterial growth (7).

7 – Why Low Carb Diets Work? Hormonal Balance

The Low-carb diet helps balance the neurotransmitter and hormone function in some people, helping to alleviate and reduce symptoms such as depression and low self-esteem (8).
These are some reasons that show that low carb diet works and brings several benefits to your health.
But even if you choose this diet and lifestyle, be sure to visit the doctor.


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